Stephanie Zonszein

Assistant Professor of
Political Science
University of California,



I study migration in advanced industrial societies in order to understand how different policies, circumstances, and external shocks shape the outcomes of migration, from the integration of migrants into the host society’s economic, social, and political life, to the maintenance of distinctive cultural identity, to the reactions of the native-born from acceptance to violence. My work applies causal inference and machine learning methods and uses large-scale administrative, survey, and media data. I hold a Bachelor's and a Master's in Economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, and a PhD in Political Science from New York University. Prior to arriving at Berkeley, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.


'Conditional Enfranchisement: How Partisanship Determines Support for Noncitizen Voting Rights', with Hannah Alarian. Forthcoming American Political Science Review.

'Turnout Turnaround: Ethnic Minority Victories Mobilize White Voters', with Guy Grossman. Forthcoming American Political Science Review.

'Locked Down, Lashing Out: COVID-19 Effects on Asian Hate Crimes in Italy', with Gemma Dipoppa and Guy Grossman. Journal of Politics, 2023.

'Basking in Their Glory? Expressive Partisanship among People of Color Before and After the 2020 US Election', with Rahsaan Maxwell and Efrén Pérez. Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2022.

Working Papers

'Taking Part without Blending In: Legalization Policies and the Integration of Immigrants' (Working Draft)

'Turn On, Tune In, Turn Out: Ethnic Radio and Immigrants’ Political Engagement' (Conditionally Accepted American Journal of Political Science) (Working Draft)

'Voted In, Standing Out: Public Response to Immigrants' Political Accession', with Guy Grossman (Accepted American Journal of Political Science) (Working Draft)

'Immigrant Narratives Promote Inclusionary Attitudes Toward Immigration in the Global South', with Antonella Bandiera, Mateo Vásquez-Cortés and Abraham Aldama. (Working Draft)

Work in Progress

'The Hidden Costs of Hiding: Immigration Policies and Health Care Utilization', with Fernanda Márquez-Padilla

Commissioned Monographs and Book Chapters

'Spillover Effects in Experimental Data', with Peter Aronow, Dean Eckles and Cyrus Samii. In J. Druckman and D. Green, eds. Advances in Experimental Political Science. Cambridge University Press. (arxiv)

'Causal Inference with Interference', with Peter Aronow and Cyrus Samii. Monograph in preparation for Cambridge Elements: Quantitative and Computational Methods for Social Science, R.M. Alvarez and N. Beck, eds. Cambridge University Press.


interference: An R package for designed-based estimation of spillover effects. With Peter Aronow and Cyrus Samii. (Github)