Stephanie Zonszein

PhD. Candidate
Department of Politics
New York University



I study the political behavior of immigrants and elites in the context of the US and the UK. The focus of my dissertation is on barriers to the integration of immigrants. I use administrative, survey, and newspaper data with causal inference and machine learning methods to analyze how legalization policies and ethnic media can promote integration, and also how the reaction of elites to minority immigrants gaining political power can hinder it. I hold a Bachelor's and a Master's in Economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Working Papers

'Taking Part without Blending In: Legalization Policies and the Integration of Immigrants' (Working Draft PDF)

'Ethnic Media: Deterrent or Catalyst of Minority Immigrants' Integration?' (Abstract)

'Voted In, Standing Out: Elite Response to Immigrants' Political Accession' (Abstract)

Commissioned Monographs and Book Chapters

'Spillover Effects in Experimental Data', with Peter Aronow, Dean Eckles and Cyrus Samii. Chapter in preparation for Advances in Experimental Political Science, J. N. Druckman and D. P. Green, eds. Cambridge University Press. (Abstract)

'Causal Inference with Interference', with Peter Aronow and Cyrus Samii. Monograph in preparation for Cambridge Elements: Quantitative and Computational Methods for Social Science, R.M. Alvarez and N. Beck, eds. Cambridge University Press.


interference: An R package for designed-based estimation of spillover effects. With Peter Aronow and Cyrus Samii (Forthcoming).